Friday, April 20, 2007

UP University Council Resolution for a Clean and Honest May 2007 Elections

Adopted at the 99th Meeting of the University Council of the University of the Philippines Diliman held at the Benitez Theater, College of Education on April 18, 2007

Elections for local and congressional leaders will be held this May.

However, recent experiences have shown that our electoral process suffers from legal and moral infirmities. The “Garci” Tape scandal; the disbursement of public funds to promote the candidacy of select persons; the use of guns and goons; rising political dynasties; and the disinformation sown during campaigns are signs that there are those who do not respect the electoral process.

Assassination and arrest of candidates, the deployment of armed personnel and other forms of intimidation are resorted to ensure their stay in positions of power. There are those who fear that their votes will not be counted. This is not only a strike against the democratic process but a big blow to our basic freedoms.

The University advocates clean and honest elections – an election that truly reflects the peoples’ will.

The UC desires elections that reflect the will of the people.
We call on people in power to respect this will.
We call on the COMELEC to perform its duty.
We call on citizens to be vigilant in the exercise of their electoral rights.
We call for fundamental electoral reforms.

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